Health Group DuCoRe acquires the Quebec operations of Cira Health Solutions

Health Group DuCoRe has entered into an acquisition agreement to consolidate its position as a Quebec leader in independent medical evaluations.

Health Group DuCoRe (Ducore) has acquired the Quebec operations of Cira Health Solutions, a Canadian provider of medical assessment services to employers, government agencies, life and health providers and legal professionals. With the acquisition, all Cira’s Quebec employees are joining the Ducore team, and a new place of business in downtown Montreal is added to the main office in Pointe-Claire. The transaction also allows Ducore to enhance its network of medical experts and thus increase the number of independent medical assessments it can offer to its employer clientele.

“We’re very proud of this acquisition, which allows us to continue our growth and advance toward our objective of becoming the gold standard for independent medical evaluations in Eastern Canada. We’ll make every effort to ensure a smooth transition so that the transaction quickly translates into an enhanced client experience,” said Nicolas Pinto, President of Ducore. 

Ducore does not expect any impact for its clients or Cira’s, other than a stronger service offering. The acquisition brings together two teams recognized for their expertise and efficiency while maintaining the sources of value added specific to each.

In addition, Ducore will soon roll out a new brand image that will reflect the leadership position it intends to maintain within Quebec’s medical assessment and medical advisor services industry.

“We’re all delighted with the transaction, which aligns perfectly with our values, including staying agile to provide outstanding service and actively ensuring stable human capital within organizations. Since inception, we’ve cultivated an environment based on performance and integrity, which we’ll maintain while pursuing our growth objectives,” said Fadila Remmouche, co-founder of Health Group DuCoRe.

Groupe Santé DuCoRe peut compter sur l’appui de nouveaux partenaires depuis que Walter Capital Partenaires et Nicolas Pinto se sont joints à l’actionnariat de la société en septembre 2020. « Nous sommes très fiers d’être associés à une entreprise aussi dynamique et engagée qui n’a pas tardé à mettre à exécution son plan d’expansion » a indiqué Eric Doyon, associé directeur de Walter Capital Partenaires.

For information:

Nicolas Pinto
President, Health Group DuCoRe
T : 514-630-9200 #222
C : 514-924-4621

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