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Our mission

Provide access to best practice, independent medical expertise at the right time, in the right place.

Working at Ducore means :

  • Applying your expertise and talent to the medical expertise field

  • Joining an expanding group where everyone has the space to develop their talents and advance their careers

  • Contributing to the success of an SME that’s become the benchmark in its industry

  • Teaming up with colleagues who value collaboration, leadership and entrepreneurship

  • Supporting worker’s health and stabilizing the workforce within organisations

Life at Ducore also means...

We cultivate a high-performance environment, but we also know how to combine "efficiency" with "fun in the workplace".

Our values


Capitalising on expertise, experience and best practices

Our expertise reflects the highest standards in our industry, and stems from our team’s  credibility and skills.


Capitalising on expertise, experience and best practices

Fast and efficient, we actively participate in stabilizing an organization’s workforce.


Committed individually and collectively to our clients and physicians.

We’re committed to fully satisfying every client, with fairness and integrity guiding our actions.


Cultivating a high-performance environment

With expertise, integrity and deep commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences, we stand out among our industry.

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Are you a doctor?

We’re continually adding to our network of independent assessors. Our excellence is maintained by building on our experience and training recruits.

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6515 Christophe-Colomb Ave
Montreal (Quebec) H2S 2H1
Toll free: 1.844.684.8200
Fax: 514.499.8004


990, route de l’Église
Suite 401
Quebec (Quebec) G1V 3V5
Toll free: 1.844.684.8200
Fax: 514.499.8004

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