Workplace mental health is a business imperative 

Employee mental health is a crucial issue in today’s workplace. According to the World Health Organization, lost productivity resulting from depression and anxiety costs the global economy US$1 trillion each year. The cost is also steep for the companies that suffer the consequences, such as absenteeism and reduced productivity. So it’s essential that companies adopt […]

A COVID-19 infection could constitute an employment injury within the meaning of the Act

Employment injury claims in which COVID-19 plays a crucial role have emerged from the pandemic. Certain important elements are being considered by the courts in order to determine whether a COVID-19 infection could constitute an employment injury within the meaning of the Act respecting industrial accidents and occupational diseases (Act). What is an employment injury? […]

Demystifying medical expertise: the independent medical evaluation

Medical expertise is a key tool used to resolve a situation involving a worker’s absenteeism, disability or employment injury. It is one of the best practices that ensure effective case management. Let’s demystify medical expertise, especially the concept of an independent medical evaluation. What is medical expertise? The provision of medical expertise involves formulating an […]

How to reduce the risks of chronicity and disability-related costs

Occupational accidents and illnesses are costly for employees, employers and the economy, especially when these conditions become chronic. Experts agree that prevention is fundamental to reducing absenteeism. But when workers get on the slippery slope to disability, what can be done to promote a successful return to work and reduce the risk of recurrence or […]