We lead the independent medical expertise field in Quebec.

Ducore Expertise helps employers manage their disability and health and safety cases, by providing independent medical assessments and in-house physicians.

Several other services are available for employers

We believe that by matching the right medical expert to each disability case, situations can be resolved faster, and better.

Our mission

Provide access to best practices through independent medical expertise, given where and when you need it.

Our values


Capitalising on expertise, experience and best practices

Our expertise reflects the highest standards in our industry, and stems from our team’s  credibility and skills.


Adapting to ensure success and growth


Fast and efficient, we actively participate in stabilizing an organization’s workforce. 


Committed individually and collectively to our clients and physicians

We’re committed to fully satisfying every client, with fairness and integrity guiding our actions.


Cultivating a high-performance environment


With expertise, integrity and deep commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences, we stand out among our industry.

We mobilize our collective expertise to help maintain your workforce stability.

Our know-how

« Medical literature has long shown that early management, accurate diagnosis and proper temporary reassignment, reduce the duration of a sick leave. Indeed, the faster we’re able to get chronic symptoms under control, the better the chances of a sustained return to the workplace. »

- Dr Christian Loranger, Senior Medical Director at Ducore

Ducore Expertise has proactively reinforced information protection measures to comply with Bill 64

Best practices and transparency

We place information security and protecting workers’ privacy at the forefront of our priorities. Our information security policy is transparent and shared with our customers and their employees.

Our team

Through a sustained group effort, Ducore Expertise makes efficiency and quality top priorities. Our team of passionate individuals values empathy and remarquable customer experiences.

Nicolas Pinto

Nicolas oversees all of Ducore’s activities, ensuring client and employee satisfaction. In tandem with the board of directors, he develops and implements strategic plans to help the company achieve its aims.

Josianne Beaumont

Director, Business Relations
In constant contact with current and future clients, Josianne ensures Ducore’s visibility. She builds and maintains long-term relationships with clients by offering a variety of services and expertise in a bid to obtain their full satisfaction.

Dr Christian Loranger

Senior Medical Director, Orthopedics
Co-founder of Ducore, Christian manages the medical team and supports the company’s various strategic activities. He oversees next-generation training in addition to ensuring that our physicians continue their professional development and keep their legal knowledge up to date.

Cindy Mallet

Supervisor, Quality Assurance and Compliance
With her extensive experience, Cindy is the go-to person for the review of complex files. She also handles onboarding and support for physicians who join our team of evaluators. In close collaboration with our Medical Directors, she takes part in the design of the development programs offered to all our medical experts.

Alisa Giacomini

Specialist, Quality Assurance and Compliance
With her experience in disability case management, Alisa ensures a compliant review of medical reports to meet the industry’s independence and quality standards. To that end, she acts as liaison between the physicians and the transcription team.

Annie Chayer

Administrative Coordinator
Annie is the first point of contact for visitors to our Montreal clinic. She greets and directs patients and doctors alike. She also contributes to the operations of the Clinical Services team by preparing documentation for medical reports.

Imen Bakhtaoui

Administrative Coordinator
As a member of the Clinical Services team, Imen contributes to the sound management, verification and preparation of documentation for medical reports. She also ensures the smooth functioning of videoconference evaluations.

Nicolas Papineau-Wolff

Director, Special Projects
With professional experience as an athletic therapist and in the field of medical evaluations, Nicolas has been contributing to continuous improvement processes and innovative projects within the organization since 2023.

Amélie Barrette

Administrative Coordinator
As a member of the Clinical Services team, Amélie is involved in the sound management, verification and preparation of documentation for medical reports. She also ensures efficient communications between the various stakeholders in the initial steps of a medical evaluation.

Fadila Remmouche

Executive Director
Co-founder of Ducore, Fadila is central to both the client and physician experience. She actively participates in the company’s development by recruiting the best medical experts and supporting its various strategic activities.

Dr Jonathan Côté-Paré

Medical Director, General Medicine
Jonathan has the expertise to support our network of generalist medical evaluators, as well as to update the medical and legal knowledge of our various in-house teams.

Louis-Philippe Nolet

Director of Finance and Human Resources
Louis-Philippe manages the finance team and harmonizes the company’s strategic and budgetary aims. He oversees our financial performance, ensures compliance with accounting standards and handles human resources.

Mary Modesto

Accounting receivable clerk
Mary performs various accounting tasks, including billing and accounts receivable, to ensure sound management of the Company’s financial operations.

Laurianne Barrette

Assistant Director of Clinical Services
Laurianne oversees the activities of the team of Administrative Coordinators to ensure sound management of incoming medical documents. She also strives to ensure a quality experience for clients and physicians alike.

Sylvie Dugas

Director of Clinical Services / Hearing
Sylvie oversees the entire administrative team to ensure excellent service and a quality experience for clients and physicians alike. She is also responsible for management of hearings.

Julie Chevigny

Director of Client Service – Private Sector
Julie’s daily work includes optimizing the client experience by processing all requests for appointments or information from private-sector clients.

Ron Rappel

Vice President, Business Development
Ron has proven experience in physiotherapy and medical evaluations. With his knowledge of the field and close connections with various medical specialists, he has made a vital contribution to the Company since 2023. He is responsible for recruitment of physicians and development of strategic accounts.

Joël Benoit-Lagacé

Director of Operations
Joël supports the teams that carry out the various stages of the Company’s operations. With his experience in information technology, he also optimizes Ducore’s internal processes and ensures its continuous improvement.

Johanny Racine

Assistant Director of Operations
Johanny leads our Quality Assurance and Compliance team. She plays a vital role in client satisfaction by ensuring we deliver on our performance promise. In collaboration with the Director of Operations, she also takes part in the Company’s strategic development activities.

Catherine Garant

Specialist, Quality Assurance and Compliance
Catherine actively participates in expertise report reviews and ensures that documents comply with industry independence standards. She therefore works closely with physicians and the transcription team.

Dr Michel Gil

Medical Director, Mental Health
Dr. Gil oversees Ducore’s medical activities and network of physicians. He helps with next-generation training as well as the ongoing development and maintenance of legal knowledge among all our physicians.

Céline Demers

Director of Client Experience – Public Sector
Céline plays a key role in ensuring an optimal experience for clients and physicians. She ensures the best possible match between physician availability and public-sector clients. She also coordinates activities involving private-sector physicians.

Nelia Modesto

Administrative Coordinator
In addition to welcoming visitors to our Montreal clinic, Nelia takes part in the management of documentation for medical reports. Fluent in English, she is also the first point of contact for our English-speaking clientele.

Wilson Dorestan

Accounting Technician
Wilson works with the Director of Finance to ensure sound management of the Company’s financial operations. He supports the accounting team by participating in and overseeing the entire accounting cycle.

Lynn Lamontagne

Accounts Payable Clerk
Lynn is the Finance team member responsible for accounts payable. She rigorously processes invoices from our various partners, from verification to payment reconciliation.

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