Independent Medical Evaluations

Get objective reports and manage your OHS, disability and medico-legal cases effectively.

The Ducore way combines "efficiency" for employers with "respect" for workers.

We ensure that workers are taken care of early on, by proactively communicating our availability and efficiently transmitting our reports. Our assessments are always professional and respectful, while our reports provide accurate facts to facilitate the management of your files related to:

  • Occupational health and safety (CNESST)

  • Disability and salary insurance (physical or psychological illnesses)

  • Medico-legal issues (disputes)

Independence guaranteed

We know that our diagnoses and treatment recommendations have a major impact on the lives of workers and the vitality of the organisations they support. Trust that all our actions are impartial and irreproachably independent.

  • Access to a network of 200 independent doctors with medicolegal expertise

  • Choose from more than 20 different fields of expertise offered throughout Quebec, in clinics or onsite in your company

  • Count on the credibility of qualified doctors to testify before the Administrative Labor Tribunal

  • Facilitates appointments and reports management thanks to the Corex 360 web portal.

  • Get clear, well-documented reports verified by a quality assurance team.

  • Count on objective conclusions based on recognized medical knowledge.

Our expert reports combine efficiency and quality assurance.

Ducore's quality assurance team ensures through report review processing. We’ve developed tools and a collaborative approach with physicians to ensure efficiency and compliance with CMQ regulatory standards. As a result, we are able to deliver the fastest, highest quality reports, in the industry.

Our reports include:

  • Diagnosis (permanent damage or aggravation of the worker’s physical or psychological integrity)

  • Consolidation date

  • Recommended treatment

  • Functional limitations

To offer the finest expertise, we focus on knowledge transfer.

Our experienced medical directors train our new generation of physicians to ensure the implementation and maintenance of good practice.

Are you a doctor who wants to become a medical assessment expert? Are you looking for a provider that protects the independence of its specialists? If so, we’re a perfect match.

Our medical directors

Dr Christian Loranger



Speciality : Musculoskeletal

Co-founder of Ducore, Christian manages the medical team and supports the company’s various strategic activities. He oversees next-generation training in addition to ensuring that our physicians continue their professional development and keep their legal knowledge up to date. Dr. Loranger is an authority on orthopedics in Quebec. He has been an independent medical evaluator since 2014 and has served as a medical expert for the SAAQ, CNESST, federation of injured workers and several law firms since the early 2000s.

Dr Jonathan Côté-Paré

General medecine


Speciality: Musculoskeletal

Jonathan joined our team of medical evaluators in 2015. His experience and knowledge of medical assessment, combined with his academic training in the field, make him the perfect addition to our team of medical directors. He will use his expertise to support our network of generalist medical evaluators, as well as to update the medical and legal knowledge of our various in-house teams.

Dr Michel Gil

Medical director Mental Health


Speciality: Mental health

Dr. Gil oversees Ducore’s medical activities and network of physicians. He helps with next-generation training as well as the ongoing development and maintenance of legal knowledge among all our physicians. Dr. Gil has specialized in psychiatry for over 30 years and has served as an independent medical evaluator since 2006. His experience in the medico-legal field lets him take on complex CNESST and SAAQ files as well as those involving personal disability and medical arbitration.

Our secure web portal makes it easy to interact with our team and to manage your case files.

Our clients use it to :
  • Appointment scheduling with an expert
  • View availability
  • Submit documents
  • Check the status of their files
  • Retrieve appraisal reports
  • Access assessment history

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