Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some answers to questions frequently asked by our clients.

About our services

We have more than 200 medical specialists across the province of Quebec.

To meet all your needs, our services cover 20 specialties and our experts travel throughout Quebec to ensure a local presence at clinics and companies.

In addition, our three experienced medical directors, Dr. Christian Loranger, Dr. Ghyslain Dallaire and Dr. Michel Gil, ensure deployment of best practices. They are also involved in training the next generation of physicians and ensuring all our physicians have up-to-date legal knowledge.

The price of an evaluation depends on the medical expert involved, the specialty, the complexity of the file, etc. To determine whether a file is complex, we refer you to the following document: Complexity Criteria

Depending on the specialist, it may be possible to obtain an independent medical evaluation by videoconference for a mental health diagnosis. This can be an excellent way to improve your file management efficiency because it eliminates travel constraints for your workers.

About our clinics

The two Ducore Expertise clinics are in Montreal and Quebec City.

In Montreal, the clinic is in the Petite-Patrie district at the corner of avenue Christophe-Colomb and rue Beaubien est. Here’s how to get there:

Our Quebec City clinic is in the Sainte-Foy district at the corner of rue de l’Eglise and rue Roland-Beaudin in the Le QG (Health District) building. Here’s how to get there:
(French only).

To protect our visitors, physicians and employees in accordance with the latest Quebec Public Health recommendations, wearing a mask is mandatory at all times during medical evaluations. In addition, each person assessed at the clinic must first complete a Covid risk status form. Hand sanitizer stations are also available on our premises.

About appointments

By email:

On line:

By telephone: Toll free 1-844-684-8200, option 1

On our secure Corex360 platform: Contact “section”

The mandate sets out the conditions for carrying out the evaluation as well as the questions that the physician must answer. We invite you to read an article we published on this matter:
You must provide all documentation relevant to the medical examination and assessment of the file (medical file, medical notes, imaging reports, operating protocol, laboratory reports, etc.). The medical expert will provide an evaluation only if the relevant documents are on file. Be sure to plan your evaluation in a timely fashion and ensure that the appropriate documents are sent to the medical expert. Finally, we ask that you send us the files in chronological order to allow the physician to devote himself or herself entirely to the scheduled appointment with the employee.
To enable the medical expert to become sufficiently familiar with the file beforehand, we ask that the mandate and relevant documents be sent to us at least five working days before the appointment date. Given the sensitive nature of the information in a medical evaluation file, we suggest that our clients use the Corex360 platform to ensure secure transmission.
Our medical services are intended exclusively for employers and mutual insurance companies. We cannot offer personal medical evaluations. If your employer or your insurer deems it relevant to send you for a medical evaluation, you will be informed accordingly.

About the expert report

The physician’s expert opinion will be sent to the requestor in a written report. The report must be short and easy to understand so that the persons concerned by the evaluation, the decision makers, the parties, the jurors and the judge can assess its content. The expert report includes a preamble, a presentation of facts and the medical expert’s conclusions and recommendations.

The preamble contains the basic data: the description of the mandate and the identification of the requestor, the questions raised in the mandate, the written and oral instructions received by the requestor, the presentation of professional credentials, the list of commented readings and documents consulted and used, the progress of the expertise, etc. It also contains data on the examinee, including identity, characteristics and the event that gave rise to the request for an evaluation.

In presenting the facts, the physician will state the essential elements of the case history, the physical examination, the interpretation thereof and the relevant investigation performed.

Taking into account the questions raised in the mandate, the expert physician will then draw conclusions and provide an opinion based on an objective assessment of facts, evidence and scientific data.

Finally, the expert will make any necessary recommendations, such as further investigation or a treatment that could prove beneficial for the examinee.

We have an in-house team of quality control specialists who verify expert reports. In this way, we can ensure a constant level of compliance with the regulatory standards governing the Collège des médecins du Québec and the best practices for independent medical evaluations.
Most of our physicians produce their reports within 10 working days after the appointment date. That said, some doctors take longer to produce a report. Don’t hesitate to ask us for an estimated delivery date when making an appointment. Once the expert report is finalized, it is sent to the requestor via our secure platform, Corex360.
In general, the examinee must not expect the physician to inform him of the conclusions of the expert report or to provide a copy of it. Unless legal provisions stipulate otherwise, the expert report is sent first to the requestor. The examinee can contact the requestor to obtain a copy of the report. In a salary insurance file, it is recommended that the requestor send a copy of the report to the attending physician of the examinee. In the case of a CNESST file, the requestor must send the report to the attending physician.
A supplementary report is required if additional information is provided to the expert after the medical evaluation. Medical experts are required to base their opinions solely on the information they have at the time of the evaluation. Any information received thereafter must be dealt with in an additional report.

If you have any questions about an expert report, contact us by email at:


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