Health Group DuCoRe unveils its new brand identity and becomes Ducore Expertise

After the recent acquisition of Cira Health Solutions’ Quebec operations, Health Group DuCoRe is launching a new brand image and adopting a new name.

Health Group DuCoRe has become Ducore Expertise and today unveils a new brand identity, one of the outcomes of its acquisition of Cira Health Solutions’ Quebec operations on February 15. The Company has updated its logo and colours to better reflect its leadership position in Quebec’s independent medical evaluation industry.

“We have every reason to think we’re now the leading provider of independent medical evaluations in Quebec. The idea of refreshing our visual identity to set ourselves apart from the competition seemed to be the logical next step, as was the need to project a positioning consistent with our growth ambitions,” said Nicolas Pinto, President of Ducore.

The name Health Group DuCoRe has been changed to the shorter and more attractive Ducore Expertise. By including the word “expertise” in its name, the Company can convey the credibility and experience of its extensive network of independent physicians. Its modern, vibrant logo includes the cross symbol, which is an essential code in the medical industry. The symbol can also be interpreted to mean “plus” and is therefore ideally suited to a company that aspires to offer an enhanced client experience. The colour scheme allows the Company to stand out in a market where many players adopt shades of blue, often associated with the medical field.

Ducore Expertise’s new Image will be rolled out gradually in all its communication tools. The website already uses the new graphic design, but a more complete overhaul will take place the next few months.


Nicolas Pinto
President, Ducore Expertise
T : 514-630-9200 #222
C : 514-924-4621

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