Keep your workforce stable and effective, with quick access to reliable medical expertise.
After 12 weeks of disability leave, the probability of returning to work drops to 60%.
According to a study by Pengel LH, Herbert RD, Maher CG and coll. Acute low back pain: sys- tematic review of its prognosis.
A remarkably simple access to the largest network of independent physicians in Quebec. This is our promise.

Ducore Expertise helps employers manage employee disability and health and safety matters, by providing independent medical assessments.

When and where you need them.

A business model where proactive physicians communicate their availability and come to you.

We’re experts at fast employee intervention, thanks to the largest network of multidisciplinary physicians in Quebec.

Our independent physicians work with irreproachable integrity, following protocol that ensures due diligence and objectivity.

How can we help you ?

You need to assess an employee’s health

Medical expertise provides an objective opinion to manage your disability and medico-legal files efficiently.

You need a doctor’s advice on a regular basis

An in-house medical advisor provides food for thought to help you make sound decisions.

Your situation requires assistance by a designated physician

A designated doctor facilitates access to CNESST files and provides advice tailored to your needs. 

You need candidates tested before hiring them

Our team travels at your work place to carry out pre-employment examinations adapted to your needs.

One of your disability cases requires a second opinion

Case file opinions are the perfect tools to guide the management of your OHS and salary insurance files.

Your teams need training in health and safety

Our tailor-made training courses help optimise management of your CNESST and  disability files.

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